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People go to Mexico for their Gastric Band placement because of the price.  While the price in Mexico may be $1000-$3000 less expensive than WSUPG Bariatrics, the cost to the patient of compromising their health may be far greater.  Although there are some surgeons in Mexico who are very skilled at gastric band placement, it is impossible to determine who is experienced, skilled, compassionate and concerned from those with little concern for their patients, interested only in the bottom line.

At WSUPG Bariatrics Center, you will deal directly with the surgeons and their coordinators, for your pre-operative evaluation, surgical procedure and hospital stay and all of your after-care.  In fact, our surgeons perform all of the band adjustments themselves.  Each follow up appointment is not only a time for a fill to be performed, but also a time for consultation to review your progress and discuss strategies that will prove useful for your weight loss success.  Having a gastric band placed by WSUPG Bariatrics means that you have our entire team behind you for your journey.  How many surgeons in Mexico provide you with his email address to answer any questions you may have?

Today, financing options can make the difference in cost between a Mexico and a US placed band less than $100 dollars per month.  Choosing WSUPG Bariatrics means that you don't have to question your surgeon's credentials, motivation or dedication.

Additionally, most of the gastric band centers in Mexico use middlemen to recruit patients who work on commission.  This means that by scheduling your surgery in Mexico, the person counselling you on your decision is getting their salary based on whether or not you have your surgery performed at their hospital.  Certainly, one of the most important decisions in your life should not be influenced by someone working on commission!

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