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Which type of lap-band do you use?
We use the only type of Lap-Band that is currently available in the United States, the Allergan Lap-Band.  We use the new AP model which comes in a Standard and a Large size.  Approximately 90% of our patients have the standard size placed.

What does an adjustment (fill) entail?
Adjustments are simply the process of adding (or removing) fluid from the band, tightening or loosening the diameter.  They are done in the office and take only a minute or two.  This is also an opportunity to review your weight loss success and address any nutritional questions that you may have.  You can learn more about adjustments here.

What is a slip? How do I know if I've had one?
A slip is exactly what it sounds like - the band slips out of place, in a downward direction and causes an obstruction.  Most slips occur more than one year after surgery.  Although most slips require surgery, a few small ones can be managed by taking the fluid out of the band and watchful waiting.  The symptoms of a slip are very clear - patients with a slip will not be able to tolerate foods that they were previously able to eat without difficulty.  Some patients are even unable to tolerate liquids.

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