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Gastric banding is a restrictive operation used for weight loss. The gastric band is made of silicone and is placed around the stomach near the upper end, creating a small upper pouch and a narrow passage into the larger lower portion of the stomach. The effect of the inflatable band is to trick your body's hunger drive into thinking that you are full. The gastric band has an adjustable inner-collar that can be inflated or deflated depending on a number of factors. The lap band is connected through a tube to a port (reservoir), which is placed under the skin of the upper abdomen. The collar around the stomach outlet is adjusted by adding or removing small amounts of saline solution by inserting a needle into the injection port in the doctor's office. The adjustment is performed in the physician's office. This technique leaves the digestive tract in the normal sequence for digestion and absorption. The only intended effect is a reduction in capacity for a meal. Small pouch volume and correct outlet diameter are very important for the success of this operation.

More Information about the gastric band:

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