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Patients are admitted the same day of their procedure. The procedure itself takes approximately one hour. The hospital stay is considered a "23 hour admission", meaning that patients will stay overnight in a hospital room for observation. Most patients are able to walk the halls quite comfortably immediately after the surgery. You will be started on a "clear liquid" diet as soon as you are awake enough to drink.

During your hospital stay you will meet with a nutritionist for detailed information regarding your post operative dietary restrictions. Additionally, your surgeon will counsel you on the next steps after the operation and answer any questions you may have. Most patients are discharged by 11 am the following day. You will also be provided a detailed handout with post operative information to make your recovery a smooth and comfortable experience.

Most patients are sent home with only a prescription for pain medicine. Less than half of our patients need to fill this prescription since Tylenol or Advil usually suffices for pain control. Those patients who travel more than two hours will also be given a prescription for a blood thinner to prevent blood clots from forming while they travel.

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