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After the operation there is a stepwise advancement of your diet. The diet has been designed to help reduce potential comlications as a result of food getting stuck and causing episodes of vomiting or retching. The change in your anatomy is major and it requires time to develop a sense of how much food or drink you can tolerate at any given time.

One of our nutritionists will provide you with detailed information before you leave the hospital. The goal is to advance you to a "normal" diet by the 4th week after surgery. Be mindful that as you progress through the different stages you may notice that you get full quicker or even have a little discomfort after you eat. This is normal and is referred to as "the learning curve" after undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Over time you will learn how quickly you can drink, how much you need to chew and what items you just can't tolerate no matter what you do. You will also realize that some of the foods that you once ate without difficulty may now become extremely difficult for you to tolerate. No two gastric bypass patients have the same finger prints, and no two gastric bypass patients can tolerate every food item the same.

Our nutrionists are also available by phone to answer questions as they arise. Support groups are offered the first Saturday of every month are extremely helpful regarding nutrition and food supplements. The patients themselves have the best understanding and knowledge of how to prepare certain foods, what foods must be avoided and how to cope with everyday issues.

We recommend that all gastric bypass patients take a daily multivitamin and a calcium supplement that contains vitamin D. Blood work is required at least on an annual basis to evaluate your body's stores of essential vitamins and minerals.

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