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In general, the sequence of events that occurs follows in a step-wise progression:


All patients are required to attend an informational seminar. Seminars are generally given every two weeks. The seminars are free and you may come as frequently as you desire. Click to register for a free seminar. The seminars are designed to address different weight loss methods including diet and exercise, medications and different surgical options. The different weight loss operations and their specific weight loss patterns and potential complications are discussed in detail. A nutritionist will also present information on the post operative diet and strategies for long term success. After attending the seminar, prospective patients will have the opportunity to schedule an appointment for a one-to-one consultation with the surgeon of their choosing.


The purpose of the consultation is for you to meet your surgeon to make sure that you are comfortable with him. The surgeon will obtain a detailed medical and surgical history and perform a physical exam. Any necessary medical evaluations will be tailored to your individual medical history and current state of health. It will also be another opportunity to ask any questions that you have. You should bring the following information with you at the time of consultation: • list of current medications with their dosages • copies of any recent cardiac (heart) or pulmonary (lung) evaluations

Medical Evaluations

You may be required to undergo further medical evaluation. The purpose is to help the medical/surgical staff optimize your health prior to the surgery. Some of the more common medical referrals are to:

  • Cardiology (Heart Specialist)
    • - You may require a stress test or other imaging study.
  • Pulmonologist (Lung Specialist)
    • - You may require a sleep study.
  • Psychiatry
    • - Almost all insurance companies require a psychiatric evaluation.

We are able to provide you assistance in arranging appointments to see a specialist if you choose. However, many patients will choose to use a specialist that their primary care physician prefers and this is also fine.

Insurance Approval

After your medical evaluation is complete (assuming that there are no medical reasons that you should not undergo the operation) your chart will be submitted to your insurance company for "approval". This is generally the time where patients have the most trouble. Insurance approval can take anywhere from two weeks to three months for a decision to be made. In the event that your insurance denies you, our staff will assist you in appealing the decision. Our clinical coordinators are very skilled in getting patients through the insurance process and we boast one of the highest approval ratings in the state.

Scheduling "The Date"

Once you have been approved, one of our clinical coordinators will contact you to schedule an operative date. Patients can usually be scheduled within three weeks from the time we receive approval. There may be some circumstances that require a longer waiting period.

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