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Pre-operatively, our patients are placed on a low calorie diet for 1-2 weeks before surgery. The purpose of this pre-operative diet is to decrease the size of the liver which will make the surgery safer. The length and restrictions of the diet are based on your BMI and gender since these are the major determinants of the size of the liver. The details of our pre-operative diet are spelled out in our Knowledge Center

The post operative diet has been created to help reduce the chances of having a band complication in the early post operative period. By slowly advancing your diet you are allowing your body time to heal.The band has been placed around the upper portion of your stomach and is held into position by sutures placed in key positions. Any event that leads to early pouch distension, retching or vomiting can adversely affect the position of the band. It is extremely rare for a patient to develop a positioning problem early on when the postoperative diet has been abided by.

The stepwise advancement of diet may initially seem to be an eternity, but do not worry. The goal is to advance you to a "normal" diet by the 4th week after surgery. Be mindful that as you progress through the different stages you may notice that you get full quicker or even have a little discomfort after you eat. This is normal and is referred to as "thel earning curve" after undergoing band placement. Over time you will learn how quickly you can drink, how much you need to chew and what items you just can't tolerate no matter what you do. No two band patients have the same finger prints, and no two band patients can tolerate every food item the same.

The details of our post-operative diet are spelled out in our Knowledge Center

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